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Link building project for Mr. Chadd

Mr. Chadd is one of the fastest growing and most innovative Dutch start-ups within education. To get more conversions organically as well, Mr. Chadd started a link building program focused on quality backlinks.


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Link building for Mr. Chadd

Founded in 2014 by Jan Kuipers and Kim van der Esch, Mr. Chadd is the first online and on-demand platform for homework help and tutoring. After several paid marketing campaigns, it was time for Mr. Chadd to get traction from SEO as well and to gain new sign-ups sustainably.

Mr. Chadd’s marketing team initially started with search engine optimization activities. After a while, when the basis was in place and content was being created on a continuous basis, it was time for Mr. Chadd to also work on the authority of the website using link building. To obtain relevant and high-quality backlinks sustainably, a linkbuilding project was started.

High-quality backlinks

Where many marketing agencies, and also Mr. Chadd’s SEO competitors, obtain relatively low-quality backlinks, the strategy for Mr. Chadd was immediately clear. To continue growing organically, qualitative backlinks are crucial. Linkbuilding strategies such as directory backlinks are outdated for Mr. Chadd and were therefore deliberately avoided.

With our extensive network and own portfolio of quality websites, we are working on obtaining authoritative backlinks for Mr. Chadd on a monthly basis. Relevance is also of great importance. The backlinks obtained are preferably from news sources or from education-related websites.

The result

Mr. Chadd continues to grow enormously, and the growth figures speak for themselves. Mr. Chadd now has the largest SEO market share in the area of tutoring and homework help. Top positions have been achieved for general and highly competitive search terms such as “homework help”. We will continue the linkbuilding process for Mr. Chadd and extend it to include local landing pages and an effective SEO strategy. In this way, Mr. Chadd will eventually achieve complete market dominance.