We are SmartRanking: SEO specialists with love and passion for our field.

We are slightly different from the rest. We are not a general online marketing agency, we are SEO specialists. Our office is located in Groningen (the Netherlands), our clients all over the world. With our passion and focus on SEO, we aim to achieve SEO success for our clients internationally.

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About SmartRanking

Our vision of the online marketing world

SmartRanking was founded in 2015 by Jarik, with the vision that there are too few specialized agencies within the online world. Jarik believed that a marketer is best at only one area of expertise and cannot have complete knowledge of everything. With this in mind, we focus only on what we are excellent at: search engine optimization.

With this in mind, we focus only on what we are excellent at: search engine optimization. In November 2022, we joined Loyals Group to help clients even better without losing our focus.

Our clients…

  • Have already started with SEO, but are not satisfied with the results or want to get more out of it.
  • Are ambitious and want to grow.
  • Recognize that the ambitious professionals of SmartRanking share the ambitions for growth.

We care about our customers and have the same customer love for every one of them. Overall, it’s all about results, and with that goes quality. It is therefore possible that we do not accept some clients. Not out of arrogance, but because we think it is important to have the same ambition and because quality must be paramount.


We are great advocates of Corporate Social Responsibility. In this way, we take good care of our colleagues and the world. Read more about our CSR policy.

Our Mission

We have one clear mission: to help you achieve SEO success. We achieve this through our focus, specialism, extensive experience and passion for SEO.

Our Vision

We believe that a marketer cannot excel in all aspects of online marketing. To really excel, you need a focus. We have this focus, a focus on SEO. This enables us to become the best in the market in terms of search engine optimization services, and we are often mentioned when the subject SEO is brought up.


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Marieke Pijpker


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Niklas Luehrs

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Rebekah Wisse


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Our clients

Simplicate about SEO agency SmartRanking

"We are very satisfied with our partnership with SmartRanking. The SmartRanking team have helped us with guidance on building a new website, keyword strategy, domain transfer, linkbuilding, SEO content strategy and website monitoring; with every downtime or spontaneous disappearance of a meta-title we were almost immediately notified. SmartRanking is super customer-focused and is always providing us with up-to-date and expert SEO knowledge."

Pim van Dijk
Senior Online Marketer at Simplicate

Robert de Vries about SEO agency SmartRanking

"We had a good feeling about SmartRanking from the very beginning. The personal attention and thinking along with our ideas was exactly what we were looking for. A good basis for a long-term cooperation. SmartRanking mainly helps us with Linkbuilding, but they also pro-actively give us tips and advice and we can always contact them with questions or when we need advice. The cooperation has yielded many results and we believe it will yield many more. In short, we are very satisfied with the cooperation and will therefore continue to do business with SmartRanking for a long time to come."

Robert de Vries
Online marketer at Visser Assen

Anouk Straver

"SmartRanking helped us from A to Z to improve our SEO. The specialists of SmartRanking are flexible, professional, customer-oriented and have a lot of knowledge. I have always enjoyed working with them and would highly recommend them if you are looking for a specialist agency to take your SEO to the next level."

Anouk Straver
Content Marketer at SRXP

Nico Oud about SEO agency SmartRanking

"I have always done my own SEO, but since last year, SmartRanking has been helping me with linkbuilding and technical SEO issues. Ever since, we have started to rank even better on competitive keywords."

Nico Oud
Founder of Springcast.fm

Marieke about SEO agency SmartRanking

"SmartRanking supports us in setting up an SEO strategy. The greatest aspect about working with Jarik and his team is that it doesn't stop at a plan. They also help us with the implementation of the plan and are always available for questions. Our visibility has increased by 854% thanks to SmartRanking!"

Marieke Mutsaerts
Team Lead Marketing at Watermelon

Noah Korevaar about SEO agency SmartRanking

"SmartRanking allows us to passionately work together on what matters most: the end product. They genuinely think along with us, not only from a technical perspective, but also with enthusiasm and creativity.”

Noah Korevaar
Head of Content at TMG (Telegraaf Media Group)